Nova Siberian Huskies


Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy

Your puppy will be weaned on to this food, which is high quality that is sold in most pet stores. We recommend keeping your pup on Blue Buffalo for at least the first few weeks while he/she gets acclimated to his/her new home.

After your puppy's acclimation period, if you would like to switch foods, please refer to our Selecting and Switching to a New Food Guide for help and other food recommendations.


Petmate Le Bistro feeder/waterer set allows for a few weeks worth of dog food to be stored and dispensed as needed. The feeder and waterer are easy to clean, and we love the fact that they are made with Microban antibacterial protection for added peace of mind.

If you prefer regular pet food/water dishes, we recommend no-tip dishes. These have a wider base and rubber rings to help keep dishes in place.

*Of course, we recommend changing your dog's water daily.


Training & Comfort:

Dog crate

PoochPlanet - ThermaCare beds


Pet Odor & Stain Remover

We l-o-v-e, LOVE Unique. We have tried so many stain/odor eliminating products and this is by far the best that we have found.

If you cannot find Unique locally, and prefer not to order it online, Simple Green makes a product using similar bio-enzymatic technology. Simple Green is available at stores like Petco or PetSmart.




Health & Grooming:


  • Innovative grooming tool for long- and short-haired dogs and cats
  • Stainless-steel edge quickly and easily removes loose undercoat hair
  • Decreases shedding up to 90 percent for about 4 to 6 weeks
  • Leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat; comfortable, ergonomic grip handle

Bamboo Nail Clipper set

"Designed for medium to large dogs, this 3-in-1 grooming tool has heavy-duty 3.4mm stainless steel blades that cut through a dog's nails effortlessly.  The styptic and file store in the clipper handle for easy access during grooming, and the finger release lock helps to ensure product safety.  Cushioned, non-slip handle provides comfortable, secure grip. "


Flea/tick & heartworm preventative

NuVet supplements


Shampoo formulated for dogs.



A bored puppy = A destructive puppy

It is great to have a large selection of toys that will stimulate your puppy's mind.


Kong offers a number of different toys, many of which are designed to keep your pup occupied.


It is very important to select high quality stuffed toys from the very start. If you buy cheaper toys, your puppy will quickly figure out how to rip them apart, and will think that this is normal playing behavior. In the long run, you will end up spending a lot more money than necessary replacing ripped toys.

Toys that we love:

Plush Puppies Jr's small hedgehog

AKC stuffed toys


Red Barn Bones 


Tennis balls & Chuckit!® Ball Launcher 


RUFFWEAR - Hoopie™ Collar

"The classic styling of this collar makes it sleek enough for city streets and tough enough for the backcountry.Anodized, one-piece aluminum V-ring provides a secure leash attachment point

  • Tubular webbing is soft, yet strong
  • Side-release buckle keeps dogs secure
  • Silicone logo label is durable and stays looking like new
  • Separate ID tag attachment point reduces tag jingle and minimizes the possibility of clipping leash to split ring
  • Silicone tag silencer minimizes dog tag jingle"


RUFFWEAR - Flat Out™ Leash

" The Flat Out Leash features a side release buckle that allows for three handle conversions:
1. Hand-held leash (for a standard walk)
2. Waist-worn leash (for a hands-free adventure)
3. Fixed leash (clipped around a tree or post while you run to grab a cup of coffee)"



RUFFWEAR - Palisades Pack™
with Web Master™ Harness

"We started with our best-selling Web Master™ Harness, and added a rugged, multi-featured, detatchable saddle bag system for the ultimate backcountry pack.

Built for use in rugged conditions on multi-day backpacking trips when extra carrying capacity is needed. Integrated water bladders keep your dog hydrated in dry conditions.  Each bladder (2 total) holds 1 liter of water."


RUFFWEAR - Roamer™ Leash

"Let your doggies roam with the Roamer Leash from Ruff Wear.

This leash has an elastic core that extends, allowing you to maintain control while your canine companion enjoys a generous range of movement.  Ruff Wear's exclusive Talon Clip™ is strong, secure and ergonomically designed for one-handed clip in!

This leash is ideal for trail running when worn around the waist. (Sizes up to a 42" waist size.)"


RUFFWEAR -  Quencher™

"Designed to provide your canine companion water while on the go, this handy collapsible bowl makes traveling a breeze."

& RUFFWEAR -  Quencher Cinch Top™

"Just fill this bowl with your buddy’s favorite kibble, pull the drawstrings closed, and head out."


For walking two dogs:

RUFFWEAR - Knot-a-Coupler

"This twin coupler is designed to make walking multiple dogs easy and enjoyable.

Free-wheeling swivels in the leash clips reduce twists and tangles, and the Dynamicord™ stretch-rope construction makes walking a game of give and take—stretch and rebound."




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